About Me / Biography

About Me / Biography

Guy Cross, also known as GINGER SHINOBI, lives and breathes the life of a global DJ. Having discovered that dance music is at its most vibrant when it embraces all the sounds the world has to offer, he has travelled thousands of miles to share this discovery with the people of Indonesia.

But Guy is also a DJ who has roots in the history of British dance music: since picking up a pair of headphones in Liverpool in1997 he has been a part of the key scenes and performed at the most famous parties around. First choosing house and then trance, he has played at Cream, Glastonbury and many more great parties in Britain and Europe – and every time he has made sure that the people have a fun, memorable time.

But it has been since he started working with Broken Drum records in 2005 that he has made a real name for himself. Introduced to the new global bass movement he became a champion of moombahton, a slowed- down cross between house and latin music, and helped to create a deeper more techno inspired version of the music. Guy was responsible for the Moombahdeep compilations, which helped the genre to find a new audience.

And now, thousands of miles from home, he is helping a whole new audience to discover new sounds. Guy’s keen attention to the underground music world have inspired his original productions, which have all been globally successful on the Beatport and iTunes charts. 2012 was a landmark year in Guy’s production career and with releases scheduled Guy continues to establish GINGER SHINOBI as a recognized underground music tastemaker.

With the fresh announced news of Ginger Shinobi joining forces with Rocstar Recordings, run by Cut La Roc from Skint fame (Fatboy Slim, X- Press2 etc) AND being recruited into the labels booking agency Rocstar Agency the future is looking very bright indeed!

If your party needs a musical ambassador who can make the people happy then your party needs Ginger Shinobi.



Email: gingershinobi@gmail.com